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Check out the services available below. If you have any questions regarding these services, please contact me and I’d be more than happy to help. I’ve been through many of my own struggles, so believe me, I get it! But working with a life coach, and becoming one myself, has made a huge change in my life. I want to help you create a jump start for your own journey!

Everyone has different dreams and goals as well as a purpose for their life. Every Journey is unique to the person. Customizing your program to fit you is important to your success. While providing you with tools, ideas,  motivation, and encouragement as well as the mindset and  development to open up to new opportunities so you can be successful  at  achieving your goals and  dreams  as well as sticking to your program while  working with me on

Health and wellness, career, relationship, spiritual – GOD, mindset, overcoming depression, anxiety, stress, fair, self-love, self empowerment, finding your voice, overwhelmed, Time management,  finding your self, living in your truth. goal setting, overcoming  traumatic experiences, forgiveness, boundaries, individual beliefs and identity, habits and behaviors and so much more

Services we offer

One on one coaching packages. 90 day minimum which consist of 12 individual coaching sessions for the duration of 60 minutes per week.

1. Develop an inner self-love. Learn to accept the things about yourself that you cannot change and learn how to let go of bad behavior and habits discover new tools and techniques to help you develop go to habits and behaviors to truly love yourself.

2. Intense self-discovery. Explore how do you identify the world and what you are believing about yourself. Learn how to shift your beliefs to better serve you so you can show up for yourself in a more positive way and for others learn how to overcome things that are

holding you back such as false belief childhood trauma anxiety depression and so much more we will take the 360 evaluation well setting goals and acting and providing support for your success.

3. 360 mental shift: discover how to shift your mindset learn how to stop focusing on the negative and start focusing on the positive and learn how to create positive perspective and how everything is meant for your good we’ll discover what you can let go of what is the shift and how you can apply different tools and techniques for your success.

4. A healthier you: learn basic nutrition and knowledge better eating habits well getting support: ability for your success discover unhealthy habits around food identify the cause thank create a solution together we will come up with goals action steps and a plan for you we have better health.

5. “Jump Start Journey” service. This session will include the vision board and the 10 tips. Each jumpstart session will be 90 minutes the vision board session Will go over individuals goals and objectives for the next 12 and also provide a step-by-step plan to Achieving the 10 tips session Will be going over 10 tips and one of the selected topic five areas of life.

6.Group coaching all coaching groups we’ll have a minimum of 10 participants and a maximum of 50 is all individuals participating in group coaching will have access to private Group on Facebook daily videos according to the theme of the coaching. Participants can choose from online coaching or in person at our office. In person coaching will have a minimum of 10 participants and the maximum of 20 we can provide Group coaching in the following areas:

  • Health and wellness
  • Mindset
  •  Self-love
  • Dealing with anxiety and depression
  • Relationships
  •  Addiction
  • Financial
  • Spiritual- GOD
  • Career – purpose

Speaking services for events companies’ conferences Schools churches each speaking services will be customized the client’s needs and include empowerment encouragement uplifting and motivational to have the crowd leaving feeling encouraged uplifted and powered for their success.

individual coaching 90-day program (once a week): $897.00 USD

– Group coaching 90 day program (once a week): $897.00 USD

– Speaking services: between $3,500.00-$5,000.00 depending on the audience length.

Jump Start Journey”90 minutes: $150 per person.

Please note all services can be customized to the individual needs, we are here to support people and help them be successful in all areas of their life.

We also offer monthly payment plans and a pay-as-you-go program to it easy and affordable so you can focus I’m having success if you have any questions or want to or Learn more about my own journey and get started today!