Hi! My name is Renee Christian. I am a wife, a mother and I have a beautiful family. I have overcome many struggles in my life that would make most people stop in their tracks.

I was born with Cerebral Palsy which causes me to need a wheelchair in my day to day life. I utilize direct support staff to help with daily care and household tasks. This is an awesome thing but also a challenge in my life. Every day, I am learning how to balance my life and what I want and need for myself, while managing my family, home and career.

At a very young age I was place into the system because of my special needs and was able to get through that period through perseverance, even though people told me I could not achieve my goals in life, such as living alone, having a family or being a valued member of society.

For long time I struggled with depression and not feeling good enough or accepted. After having my daughter I realized that I didn’t want her to grow up with this perspective of myself and for me to reflect it onto her in any way. That is when I started my journey to self discovery and became a life coach. In the process of my journey, I have learned how to find my voice, accept my voice, and use it. I empowered myself to not only want the things that I want, but to be able to create them and make them a reality.

I will say that it is not alway easy, and I still struggle every single day. But I have learned to become present to what I want, and allow myself to choose how I want to show up for myself and my family. My goal, as a life coach, is to help people take back their power in their life, overcome obstacles and challenges, empower self-worth and motivate them to create the life the life they want and crave but may not have the tools to do so. Helping them let go of self judgement and exchange it for curiosity through love. I truly believe the more love that we can put into one another, the more love we can mirror out into the world. With everything I do, I do it with love. Learning to do this has completely changed my life and I want to help you change yours.

Why a Life Coach is Important!

It’s time to come off auto pilot. I have learned that the way we do one thing in our lives, is the way we do all things. So when you are having a challenge in one area of your life, that challenge will come up in other areas of your life in different ways. Having somebody that understands and has been through a similar situation is so important to your success.

A coach offers guidance and support towards your personal goals. It can help people to overcome obstacles and challenges that prevent you from being successful. Coaching is not someone telling you what to do, but rather to guide you on your unique journey, giving you the power to make decisions that are best for you while offering support and holding you accountable to your goals.

I will utilize my professional skills and life experiences to act as the bridge to take you from where you are now to where you want to be. In addition to not only give you the tools but also the tangible experiences, you can let go of negativity and step into the life you want. Together we can reduce your stress, help you overcome depression, create balance in your life, set career goals, uncover your true wants in life, discover your purpose, overcome traumas and loss, drive your motivations and connect to your true individuality all so you can take empowered actions in your life. Through this process you will become 100% present to your mind, body and spirit, through love and curiosity.

I encouraging to make your decision and start your journey today!

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